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Don't let your car wreck also wreck your life

Unfortunately, automobile accidents happen every day, and you are often not at fault. Don't be held responsible when another is to blame. Seek the Attorneys in Hattiesburg MS of John D. Giddens Law Firm for the outcome you deserve

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18 Wheeler Accident Attorney Jackson

If you've been hurt in an accident, you need the right lawyer to fight for the compensation you deserve for your pain and suffering.

However, not all vehicle accidents are the same. John D. Giddens Law firm specializes in all types of vehicle accidents, including accidents involving 18-wheelers. Any accident involving an 18-wheeler — whether it be a large truck, tractor trailer, delivery truck, or flatbed — is automatically more complicated to the level of injuries involved; these accidents can often result in devastating effects. It’s best to have an experienced 18 Wheeler Accident Attorney in Jackson by your side.

BBecause the trucking company will send their investigative team to the scene, the company's management will do whatever it can to minimize the victim's injuries and place blame on the victim, instead. Therefore, you need an experienced 18 Wheeler Accident Attorney because they are not the typical cases. John D. Giddens is the right attorney for the job.

Due to the complexity and higher stakes of these accident cases, there are a number of other issues that we will investigate:

  • Truck driver fatigue
  • Overweight/improper loading
  • Truck maintenance
  • Falsified log books
  • Truck driver deadlines
  • And more

If you or a loved one are injured, out of work, having difficulties paying bills, and cannot afford the proper medical attention, John D. Giddens Law Firm can help.

Establish negligence in a pedestrian accident

Automobile versus pedestrian accidents are also another complicated type of vehicular accident that presents a case involving many complex legal issues. These types of accidents are often more difficult to prove and establish who is the party at fault.

Similar to 18-wheeler accidents, pedestrian accident cases are also more complicated, with more serious injuries — many with log-term effects — than the typical automobile collision. Every day, people are at risk when crossing the street, jogging down the street, walking in a parking lot, or walking in close proximity to a construction site. Both pedestrians and drivers can often become distracted, whether due to a cell phone conversation, text messaging, or intoxication.

If you or a loved one have been involved in a pedestrian car accident, you need the expert legal representation that John D. Giddens Law Firm can provide as Attorneys in Hattiesburg MS . If you're unable to work, facing high medical bills, and/or in need of physical therapy, contact us to fight for your rights and seek compensation for your injuries and expenses, as well as the other party's negligence.

Call us if you've been in an auto accident of any type!


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